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The last fifteen homes at the Day Star First Nation in Saskatchewan that did not have a permanent connection to the community Water Treatment Facility have been hooked up via a low pressure water system installed through a collaboration between BHP Billiton and the First Nation’s administration.

The project was funded from the Opportunities Agreement signed in 2013 between BHP Billiton and Day Star First Nation. A local company - Tollifson Cable Services Ltd. of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, completed the work and the project came in under budget and ahead of schedule.

Previously these homes operated on cisterns and trucked potable water services.

Chris Ryder, Head of Corporate Affairs for BHP Billiton Potash, said “providing access to continuous basic drinking water is an essential service. We are pleased that we could collaborate with the administration to successfully complete this project ahead of schedule and under budget.” Ryder also praised the “strong community spirit of the residents of the Day Star First Nation” which had contributed to the success of the project.

Chief Lloyd Buffalo of the Day Star First Nation added that “We cannot overestimate the importance of an ample supply of clean water for our people. This project will bring about positive outcomes in all aspects of Day Star peoples’ lives including improved health, better preparations for education and employment, and overall pride in our community and its residents. Moreover, it is an excellent example of what we can do when First Nations leaders and Industry work together to improve the quality of life of those who wish to participate in, and benefit from development in this country.”

BHP Billiton’s Jansen Potash Project is situated approximately 75km from the Day Star First Nation.

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