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Simply Sunshine Childcare Centre


Simply Sunshine Childcare Centre

Moranbah, in central Queensland, is a wonderful place to raise a family. But don’t just take the word from all the mums and dads. When you’ve got a kindy like Simply Sunshine Kindergarten, the kids love it here, too.

‘It’s just been a wonderful spot for us to raise a family, because of all the wonderful facilities and community-based programs in town’, says Hayley Brown, a teacher at a local primary school, and mother to Ivy, who spends her time at Simply Sunshine Kindergarten throughout the week.

‘She’s happy, she plays, she learns, and she absolutely enjoys it. And she asks me on the weekend ‘Is it kindy? Every Saturday it’s always ‘Is it kindy today?’’

‘No, not today’ Hayley says, mimicking Ivy’s disappointed face with a slight laugh.

Hayley has been in Moranbah for seven years and has had two children since moving here. And while she may be settled in and raising her family, the nature of being a mining town means there are many new families to be catered for.

With a mission statement of ‘Play is learning and learning is fun!’, Simply Sunshine Childcare is a small, not-for-profit centre that caters to children aged from six weeks to five years.

And while the main childcare centre has been serving Moranbah since 1971, there was a need in the town for an extra kindergarten.

In late 2020, they were given approval and funding to convert an old building at the rear of the school to a brand new kindy. As well as creating new jobs, the kindy added 22 new placements to serve the community. Best of all, it’s just a short stroll to and from work for Hayley.

“We were very, very lucky for BHP to actually be able to open this centre. They came in and contributed a fair amount of funds for us to adapt and change the inside of the building for it to be run as a kindergarten. They also provided us with funds to be able to get equipment and resources that the kids can play with.’

Looking around the kindergarten, it’s clear to see that Simply Sunshine Kindergarten is living up to its mission statement. There were books, play areas, painting, puzzles, and, of course, dinosaurs. But the most obvious sign of its success is seeing the children running inside, keen to learn, play, make friends, and thrive.  

Says Hayley, ’I absolutely love the centre. I love it for a number of things… I know it’s such a wonderful place for her and for all the other kindergarten kids in the town.’

The next generation is in good hands.