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The beauty of innovation is what you don’t see

How we’re staying at the forefront of change

The BHP Innovation Centre is pulling the future forward by identifying new technologies that can unlock value across BHP’s global operations. But these innovations are not just limited to resources nor restricted by geography.

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Innovation close up

Scaling and replicating technology at speed

A number of solutions have been developed, tested and deployed since the Innovation Centre was established – covering the entire supply chain from geology to extraction and processing to transport. They’re helping to transform BHP.

Our people-led transformation

Building an agile culture that prioritises creative problem-solving

Our highly skilled and capable team works together to conceptualise and implement technologies that make mining safer and more efficient.

From Newman to the world

Western Australia is home to our live testing ground

We’re committed to providing opportunities for our people, communities, customers and suppliers to be involved in improving safety and productivity at our operations.

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