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Resolution Copper

Resolution Copper

Resolution Copper is one of the largest undeveloped copper projects in the world and has the potential to become one of the world´s largest and most competitive copper mines. Owned by Rio Tinto (55%) and BHP (45%), the Resolution Copper Project is located in the Copper triangle, three miles east of Superior, Arizona.

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The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) permitting process commenced in March 2016 and led by the United States Forest Service. A draft Environmental Impact Study is expected to be released in May 2019.

Resolution will be the deepest block cave (~2km deep) and one of the hottest underground mines in the world (76° to 82° Celsius). This will be achieved by extending an existing shaft, developed for the historic Magma mine, from its current depth of 1.5km to 2.1km depth. This is a highly complex and challenging mining activity due to space restriction, potential excessive groundwater and poor ventilation. This work is expected to commence in CY2019.

The Project is aligned with the BHP strategy of large, long-life, low cost, expandable assets.

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Resolution Copper Mining - Mine Plan of Operations

Resolution Copper outlines detailed plans to design, construct and operate a world-class mine in ways that are safe, protect the natural surroundings and the area's unique cultural heritage and create sustainable benefits for the community.

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