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Jansen Potash Project

Jansen Potash Project

BHP holds exploration permits and mining leases covering approximately 9,600 square kilometres in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada. The Jansen Potash Project is located approximately 140 kilometres east of Saskatoon. We currently own 100 per cent of this Project. Jansen’s large resource endowment provides the opportunity to develop it in stages, with anticipated initial capacity of 4 Mtpa.

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Potash is a potassium-rich salt mainly used in fertiliser to improve the quality and yield of agricultural production. As an essential nutrient for plant growth, potash is a vital link in the global food supply chain. The demands on that supply chain are intensifying; there will be more people to feed in future, as well as rising calorific intake comprising more varied diets. The strains this will place on finite land supply mean sustainable increases in crop yields will be crucial and potash fertilisers will be critical in replenishing our soils.

Feeding the World: the case for potash

We think demand for potash could double by the late 2040s, by which point it could be a US$50 billion market.

Key developments during FY2018

Over the year, our focus was on the safe excavation and preliminary lining of two 7.3-metre diameter shafts. Excavation of both the service shaft and the production shaft was completed by the end of August 2018, at a depth of 1,005 metres and 975 metres respectively. Both shafts reached potash in the Upper and Lower Patience Lake formations during FY2018. Jansen is intended to mine the Lower Patience Lake formation, which lies between 935 metres and 940 metres.

In June 2018, the Board approved further funding to cover support services at the site as work continues on completion of the shafts, updating the approved investment for the current scope of work on the Jansen Potash Project to US$2.7 billion.

Looking ahead

Future work will include installing watertight composite concrete and steel final liners in both shafts. We continue to assess how to reduce risk and unlock value as we complete the shafts. At the end of FY2018, the current scope of work was 79 per cent complete. In the meantime, we are considering multiple options to maximise the value of Jansen, including further improvements to capital efficiency, optimisation of design and diluting our interest by bringing in a partner. As with all decisions relating to the deployment of capital, next steps with the Project will be assessed by reference to our Capital Allocation Framework.

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