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By 2030, there will be solar panels on nearly three million Australian rooftops. And every one of those panels will need copper.

Shift to renewable energy

There's four tonnes of copper in a single wind turbine. So as the world shifts to more renewable energy we're going to need more copper, like that produced by BHP.

Cleaner, more sustainable transport

Electric cars need four times as much copper as standard cars. At BHP we’re proud to be one of the largest producers of copper in the world.

Copper facts

Copper is found in almost all electronic devices.


Copper is found in almost all electronic devices.

Copper is found in homewares, plumbing, musical instruments and electric cars.


Copper is found in homewares, plumbing, musical instruments and electric cars.

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Copper is 100% recyclable, retaining 95% of its original value.



In 2020, BHP produced enough copper to make over 420,000 wind turbines.

Meet the people who make it all possible.

Hear from Yass at our Olympic Dam operation in South Australia.


BHP's Queenland mines will soon be 50% powered by renewable energy. Helping to halve Scope 2 emissions of operations in that state by 2025.

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Australian resources are shipped all over the world. The world’s first LNG-fuelled Newcastlemax bulk carriers, commisioned by BHP, will reduce CO2 emissions by more than 30%.

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Resources like copper are essential in tackling climate change. As is becoming a net-zero emissions company. Find out more about our Climate Change Commitment here.

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Climate Change Report 2020

Tackling climate change is the right thing to do and will strengthen our business in the long run. Find out how taking action to decarbonise the global economy will also keep BHP strong.

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Our climate change strategy

The materials BHP provides are central to modern life and to building a better world. That includes the development of low emission and negative emission technology.

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