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Contribution to Australia

BHP and the resources industry has helped provide the rich and prosperous economy that Australians enjoy today.

  • We employ around 39,158 people1 and pay our employees around twice the national average

  • We provide returns to vast numbers of shareholders - one in three Australians has interests in BHP through their superannuation (along with half a million direct shareholders)

  • We are represented in many, often remote communities, across Australia and use many local suppliers and businesses (last year we paid US$7.9 billion2  to suppliers)

  • Last year we made US$7.1 billion2  in payments to Australian governments and, over the last ten years, we have paid ~A$71 billion taxes, royalties and other payments to governments.

  • All of these factors last year added up to a total direct economic contribution in Australia of US$29.5 billion (including our payments to suppliers, wages and employee benefits, dividends, taxes and royalties).

Our contributions to Australia in FY2019 at a glance

BHP's Australian adjusted effective tax rate was 34.2% in FY19 and 45.3% once royalties are included

BHP paid US$7.1 billion in Australian taxes, royalties and other payments to governments


For more information, read about our contributions globally.

1 FY19 actuals.

2 Figures rounded to the nearest decimal point. See the 2019 Economic Contribution Report for figures.

Economic contribution Report

BHP pays taxes, royalties and other payments in accordance with the tax regulations and laws applying in the jurisdictions in which we operate. The report outlines our payments to governments by country in FY2019.

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Tax and transparency

Our business model is premised on trust. To earn this trust, we are dedicated to becoming a global leader in transparency.

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Social investment

We have a responsibility to make a positive contribution to sustainable development and to have a longstanding commitment to invest one per cent of our pre-tax profits in programs that aim improve the quality of life for people around the world.

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