Colorado School of Mines BHP announce founding partnership for Global Energy Future Initiative

Inaugural Global Energy Future Innovation Forum and Innov8x Challenge set for Sept. 7-8

Colorado School of Mines and BHP are proud to announce today a founding partnership to support the Mines Global Energy Future Initiative.

The Global Energy Future Initiative (GEFI) is a science and engineering framework for collaboration and ideation around the creation of a secure, resilient and sustainable energy future worldwide. Through technical research, education, workshops, seminars, public symposia and more, the initiative connects energy innovators, industry leaders and policy makers from academia, industry, government and civil society to develop energy solutions that will shape decision-making now and for decades to come.

With its support announced today, BHP becomes a founding partner of the initiative to drive innovative sustainable energy solutions. Through this partnership, BHP will sponsor research projects and participate in steering committees and working groups, adding industry expertise to solve complex problems. In exchange for their expertise, BHP will gain access to cutting-edge research critical to building a sustainable future for the mining industry. Through this partnership, BHP and GEFI aim to develop renewable, secure, resilient, and adaptive energy systems and infrastructure, fostering worldwide economic development while reducing environmental impacts.

“As decarbonization, or the pursuit of net zero greenhouse gas emissions, draws sharper focus from businesses and governments worldwide, the mining industry remains central to that challenge. The Global Energy Future Initiative is a terrific project that is aligned with BHP’s focus on innovation, exploration and technology to help solve this challenge. What we produce is vital for the world to sustainably develop, and many of our products will help make the transition to lower emissions energy possible. BHP provides minerals that are essential resources the world needs for decarbonization, and we are committed to doing so sustainably.,” said Nima Brooks, BHP Head of Strategy and Innovation.

Mines launched the Global Energy Future Initiative to harness the university’s strong expertise across the spectrum of energy-related research at a time of ambitious government and industry initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and diversify energy, all while the world is facing significant growth in energy demand from emerging and developing economies. Mines has an exceptional track record of solving tough scientific and engineering problems across the gamut of energy and environmental fields, enjoying a hard-earned reputation as an unbiased problem-solver. 

Specifically, the Global Energy Future Initiative works within and across the most important areas of energy innovation: low carbon and renewable energy, carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS), oil and gas, supply chain transparency, minerals and metals, and clean water innovation.
“The transition to a net-zero carbon emission energy economy is perhaps one of the biggest technical challenges the world has faced. Doing so in a way that is sustainable and supports health and prosperity for all communities is critical,” said John Bradford, vice president for global initiatives at Mines. “We are thrilled to partner with BHP to help bring about this change.”

Mines are also excited to announce the inaugural Global Energy Future Innovation Forum and Innov8x Challenge on Sept. 7-8. The day-long forum on Sept. 7 will showcase the breadth of research being done by the Mines faculty, highlighting how and why an interdisciplinary approach is required to solve the world’s biggest challenges facing our global energy future. Attendees will also hear presentations and network with leaders across the energy industry. 

The following day, Mines students will pitch solutions to the most pressing challenges and problems facing industry today, competing to win funding to further pursue their innovative business ideas and research. 

For more information and to register for the Global Energy Future Innovation Forum, go to mines.edu/global-energy-future/event/global-energy-future-innovation-forum-and-challenge/.