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Merger Dividend

Following BHP Group’s (BHP) in specie dividend of Woodside Energy Group Limited (Woodside) shares on 1 June 2022, JP Morgan has completed the sale via bookbuild of the Woodside shares of ineligible overseas shareholders and BHP shareholders that elected to participate in the sale facility, and the Woodside shares represented by the rounding treatment of the in specie dividend.

The average price of the Woodside shares sold was A$29.15.

The following table details the currency exchange rates applicable to the remittance of proceeds from the sale of the Woodside shares under the sale facility. 

Proceeds are expected to be distributed to participating shareholders on 20 June 2022 in the currency and manner in which the relevant shareholder is paid their BHP dividends, but in the case of dematerialised BHP shareholders on the South African branch share register, in South African rand only.

BHP will donate the proceeds from the sale of the rounded shares to charity.