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Cerro Colorado - Update

Cerro Colorado has initiated a process to adjust its mine plan to meet operational requirements for the remaining period of its current environmental licence, which expires at the end of 2023.

The adjustment to the mine plan will result in reduced operations and reduced headcount. The resizing measures will be implemented over the next four months.

Cerro Colorado has begun discussions with employees and contractors to explain the revised mine plan and impacts in more detail. These discussions will include redundancy packages for those who leave the company and also potential options for roles at other BHP operated sites.

Cerro Colorado will continue to explore development options that could allow mining operations to continue beyond the end of 2023. This includes the preparation of new environmental studies required to apply for new permits. In accordance with BHP’s water stewardship commitments, any continuation of production beyond 2023 would be performed using seawater as a replacement for freshwater usage.