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BHP increases health and safety measures at Chile operations for facing COVID-19

Since the coronavirus pandemic started, BHP has deployed several measures to face the COVID-19 emergency. We have added new actions in our operations in Chile – both at offices and sites – which has been implemented progressively since the start of the crisis.

“We know that the nature of our activity does not allow all of our work to be done remotely. However, we continue to be focused on mitigating the virus transmission risk at offices and operations. We believe that it is compatible to manage this crisis and keep operational continuity. We are convinced that our activity has a multiplying effect at jobs and that supports our communities,” President Operations of Minerals Americas, Daniel Malchuk, said.

At Escondida, Spence and Cerro Colorado, the following actions has been taken: 

At operations:

  • Reduced personnel at sites, prioritizing critical roles for operational continuity. Those who are not critical for operational continuity will work remotely from their homes.
  • Return from operations of every person of 65 years or more, or with cardiovascular risk.
  • Preventive health control, which applies to every worker that enters our facilities.
  • Medical checks for those returning to operations. It also applies to everyone returning home.
  • All visits are cancelled. Only direct employees and contractors have permission to access our facilities.
  • Special sanitization plan on buses, resting modules, offices and communal areas.
  • Separation plan on buses, for assuring social distancing of those employees.
  • Closure of public spaces such as gyms, sport courts, training centres and recreational areas.
  • Contingency plans at casinos, for avoiding crowds and assuring social distancing and snack delivery for those who request it.

At offices:

  • Office employees are split in two teams: orange and green.
  • The green team will work the first week from Monday to Thursday at offices. Next week, orange team will do so. Fridays, everyone will work from home, and deep sanitization of the office will occur.
  • Until further notice, business and personal travel is suspended.
  • Every meeting with external personnel is cancelled. Meetings will be conducted online or by telephone.

All these measures are under constant revision, and controls might escalate as the situation intensifies. BHP will keep people informed of changes.