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Tropical Cyclone Veronica - Western Australia Iron Ore update

With safety as our highest priority, BHP Port and Rail Operations in Port Hedland, Western Australia, are ramping-up after being suspended due to Tropical Cyclone Veronica. While initial inspections show no major damage to our operations, isolated flooding both on site and sections of the rail leading into the port has limited train movements. Consequently, the port is currently operating at reduced rates and not expected to return to full capacity until later this month.

Our preliminary estimate of the impact of Tropical Cyclone Veronica is a reduction in production of approximately 6 to 8 million tonnes (100 per cent basis), and as a result, our 2019 financial year production and unit cost guidance are currently under review.

Final production impacts and revised production and unit cost guidance will be disclosed once they are finalised.

We are engaging with our customers and intend to meet our contractual commitments.