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BHP Billiton opens Mobile Applications Hub in Shanghai

BHP Billiton today officially launched its new Mobile Applications Hub in Shanghai that will develop applications for mobile devices to help improve communications and productivity across the Company.

BHP Billiton Chief Technology Officer Diane Jurgens said the new hub is one example of the potential for technology innovation to improve the way we work that benefits our people and the Company.

“Mobile applications delivered on smartphones and tablets will allow our people to work more flexibly, productively and safely.  Operators in our underground mines through to procurement in our head office can access to and respond to real-time information as and when they need it, no matter where they are,” she said.

“The team working in Shanghai will develop a range of mobile applications that could include the capability for operators to re-plan crew work in the field, check equipment maintenance requirements and location, immediately report potential safety problems or even check where and when people are travelling.”

Ms Jurgens said Shanghai is the ideal location for the Company’s new US$5 million Mobile Applications Hub. It will initially employ 50 technology application designers who will operate from a specifically designed ‘incubator’ workshop located with BHP Billiton’s offices.

“Shanghai is widely recognised as a global centre for mobile application development with a vibrant tech culture. It has a wealth of highly experienced, skilled talent and leading universities offering excellent programs in Technology and Engineering,” she said.

The Mobile Application hub is one of three centres being established to foster technology innovation that can then be trialled and tested before potentially being more widely deployed across the Company.

For more information, please see our News Release.