The latest photo galleries of the Samarco redevelopment.

May 2024 update

March 2021 update

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February 2018 update

Barra Longa - Minas Gerais

The city was severely impacted by Samarco’s tailings. In the pictures below, you can see the actions/results of the armouring and vegetation to stabilise margin and reduce erosion. You can also see the riverside part of the town, which was almost completely rebuilt after the dam collapse. Being Riverside, the square was completely rebuilt and was delivered back to the town’s community.

Look for the portal to the square, a structure that has become a symbol of the destruction (how high the tailings reached), and also of the reconstruction of the town.

October 2017 update

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January 2017 update

Reconstruction efforts

October 2016 update

Reconstruction efforts
Dam rebuilding

August 2016 update

Presentation on findings into immediate causes of dam failure

On the 26th of August, 2016, the media gathered in Belo Horizante for the release of the report on the Immediate Causes of the Failure of the Fundão Dam. The findings were presented by:
  • Dr Norbert Morgenstern, Panel Chair
  • Murilo Ferreira, Vale CEO
  • Dean Dalla Valle, BHP Billiton Chief Commercial Officer
  • Roberto Lúcio Nunes de Carvalho, Samarco CEO

July 2016 update

Barra Longa remediation efforts

On the 13th of July, 2016, Andrew Mackenzie, Dean Dalla Valle and Roberto Carvalho (Samarco's President) visiting the Barra Longa reconstruction work and spoke to the Mayor of Barra Longa Mr Fernanco José Carneiro Magalhães.

May 2016 update

Recovery actions show results

March 2016 update

Revegetation efforts
Agreement signing with Brazilian authorities

February 2016 update

January 2016 update


November 2015 update

BHP Billiton CEO Andrew Mackenzie visits Samarco
CEO Andrew Mackenzie speaks at the Samarco joint media conference