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Future Tails

Future Tails is leading the way in global tailings management through a partnership between The University of Western Australia, Rio Tinto and BHP. Together we contribute to the thinking, research, training, education and practice in tailings management, working towards a global vision for a future with zero catastrophic tailings failures. 

Future Tails provides:

  • training programs – to build talent and capability at a range of levels  
  • technical references that summarise leading tailings analysis, design, operation and management 
  • research – to address deficiencies in the knowledge and understanding of fundamental geotechnical engineering issues 

As the mining industry responds to concerns about the risks associated with tailings management and the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management initiative, Future Tails seeks to influence, inform and, where necessary, adapt to these advancements.

What is offered

Training and courses – education, training, continuing professional development and micro-credentials to improve capability and expertise in tailings management. Future Tails offers four levels of training for executives, technical personnel, engineers and operational staff in Australia and internationally.

Research – Future Tails research generates knowledge that can be transferred to new technologies and processes and be incorporated into training for the next generation of geotechnical engineers. Specific areas of research include static liquefaction, filtered and dry-stacked tailings, and numerical modelling for dam break studies.

Technical references – A consolidated industry reference book draws together information on best practice technologies. Governance of safe and effective management of tailings is being developed, with pared-down versions relevant to line managers responsible for tailings management.