A stack of copper cathodes with the light hitting them.

First carbon neutral copper cathode delivery

BHP is pursuing innovative collaborations to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the copper value chain.  

In the first ever carbon neutral1 sale of any BHP commodities, BHP and leading US copper cable and wire manufacturer, Southwire, completed a pilot shipment in September 2021 from BHP’s mines in Chile to Southwire’s processing activities in Georgia, United States. 

The pilot involved tracing BHP copper cathodes and associated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through Southwire’s rod production operations utilising supply chain traceability provider Circulor’s blockchain-based technology and BHP’s carbon offsetting capabilities. 

Through the collaboration with Southwire, BHP aims to enhance supply chain transparency and demonstrate the broader downstream demand potential for traceable and verifiable carbon neutral products across the copper value chain, underpinned by credible GHG emissions measurement, traceability technology, and reporting.  

1 ‘Carbon neutral’ is not intended to imply certification under any standard or application of a particular methodology and includes all those greenhouse gas emissions as defined for BHP reporting purposes.