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LGBT+ inclusion at BHP

For many LGBT+ people, discrimination and the pressure to conceal sexual orientation or gender identity at work can have a major impact on mental health.

At BHP, we encourage everyone to bring their whole selves to work. We know diverse and inclusive teams are safer, more productive and have a better culture, and we want to be the workplace of choice for people of all backgrounds and experiences.

Each member of our workforce is encouraged to speak up and become a trusted advisor. A number of employee reference groups also inform our decision-making, advise on policy and advocate for cultural change. These groups include global and regional Inclusion and Diversity Committees and Jasper, our LGBT+ ally inclusion group.

First established in 2017, Jasper has more than 1,600 members and eight local chapters across Australia, South America, Asia the United States and Canada. Their aim is to drive a safe and inclusive work environment at BHP by providing advice on ways to reduce bias and ensure LGBT+ people are respected and valued regardless of their sexual or gender identity.

In FY2021, Jasper’s ‘Bring your whole self to work’ campaign advocated for visibility and inclusion of LGBT+ employees and contractors and underlined the importance of respectful behaviours. The campaign received the Health Excellence Award at our 2021 Health, Safety, Environment and Community (HSEC) Awards.

We were also awarded silver-tier employer status at the 2021 Australian LGBTQ Inclusion Awards, which are based on the results of the Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI), a rigorous and evidence-based annual benchmarking assessment of the progress and impact of LGBTQ inclusion initiatives in Australian workplaces. The award is a reflection of our global efforts to improve LGBT+ inclusion through education and awareness initiatives and new policies such as our Gender Affirmation Policy, which launched in 2020.

Throughout FY2021 and despite the challenges of COVID-19, Jasper continued to provide a connection to the LGBT+ community through peer support and networking. The group also hosted education and awareness sessions, reverse mentoring and initiatives for senior executives, line leaders, supervisors, employees and other allies to actively show their support.

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