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More than 170 people from the north of Chile accessed job trainings thanks to Spence

More than 170 young people and adults from the towns of Sierra Gorda, Baquedano and Mejillones, in northern Chile, certified new job skills through the Local Skills Development 2023 programme, promoted by Spence | BHP and the country's National Training Service.

The beneficiaries participated in training for trades and skills such as Administrative Assistant, Decision Making and Strategic Innovation, and in a course for mining work. Welding and electrical installation courses were also held in the city of Mejillones, benefiting more than 40 secondary school students.

Erika Alarcón, a third year student at the Juan José Latorre Secondary School, expressed her gratitude for the support provided by Spence | BHP for her work development: "I think it is a good opportunity, as this way I have more possibilities of getting a job when I finish my secondary education, and in the future it will serve as an option for me to pay for my degree," she said.

"With this programme we strengthen skills and abilities, as well as empowering neighbours to better enter the labour market, as we want to make a positive contribution in each territory", explained Úrsula Weber, Head of Corporate Affairs at Pampa Norte, and also highlighted "the positive impacts that this type of initiative generates in the families and close networks of the participants, contributing to the communities as a whole".