Essential First Aid

Essential First Aid Training: A Success Story from Port Hedland Through BHP's Local Buying Program

Essential First Aid Training has carved out a niche in providing crucial first aid training to BHP’s operations in the Pilbara. What started as a part-time endeavour six years ago by Cat Allan, the business owner, has flourished into a full-fledged training provider. The company specializes in teaching first aid and mental health first aid, a vital skill set in any industry, especially in areas like Pilbara where mining and heavy industries predominate.

Growth Through BHP’s Local Buying Program

The turning point for Essential First Aid Training came when it began working with BHP and C-Res through the Local Buying Program. As Cat Allan describes, the partnership with BHP didn't just transform her venture from a part-time gig to a thriving business; it also enabled her to employ three individuals from the local community. This expansion underscores the ripple effect such collaborations can have on local economies.

Commitment to Training and Community Impact

Allan's passion for teaching first aid and mental health first aid shines through in her work. The courses offered to BHP employees are more than just training sessions; they are opportunities to enhance safety and well-being in the workplace. The enthusiastic participation of BHP employees in these courses reflects the quality and relevance of the training provided by Essential First Aid Training.

BHP's Local Buying Program

BHP's Local Buying Program, managed by C-Res, is a platform designed to support small businesses in the regions where BHP operates. It aims to strengthen local economies by providing more opportunities for local enterprises. The program not only offers a pathway for businesses to engage with BHP but also includes capacity-building initiatives, ensuring that the businesses grow sustainably and can meet the demands of a large corporation like BHP.