Kingsrose Mining

Meet Kingsrose Mining

A 2023 BHP Xplor cohort company

Kingsrose Mining wants to set a new standard in responsible minerals exploration.

As a junior exploration company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), they’re building a portfolio of high-quality critical minerals exploration projects targeting nickel, copper and PGEs in Norway and Finland. Their projects target the minerals which are essential to the green energy transition and they’re on a quest to drive positive outcomes for host communities and the environment.

Managing Director Fabian Baker says it’s about changing perceptions of mining, through responsible and empathetic operations that offer opportunity and positive change. 

Kingsrose is committed to technical excellence, exemplary environmental stewardship and proactive stakeholder engagement. Their target generation methodology applies a holistic mineral systems approach, using modern science and technology to identify evidence of the critical processes for nickel sulphide deposition, to discover new deposits and opportunities.

It’s a targeted and systematic approach to unlocking mineral potential in the Nordic region. By the end of the Xplor program, they hope to have identified camp-scale opportunities within their areas of interest and commenced non-invasive field programs to generate drill targets. 

Baker and his team, including Head of Exploration, Andrew Tunningley, are optimistic it will lead to the discovery of magmatic nickel sulphide in Norway and Finland. “By leveraging modern science and technology, stakeholder engagement and expert knowledge, we hope to make significant discoveries that will have a meaningful impact.”

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