IDAHOBIT Meet Lisa Baptista Jaspers Global Lead

My name is Lisa Baptista (she/her). I have been at BHP for nearly 8 years, working in the Resource Centre of Excellence (RCoE) as Head of Resource Governance and Reserve Reporting. I became the Global Lead for Jasper in 2022, BHP’s LGBT+ and Ally network and I feel honoured to advocate and work with our passionate and energetic Jasper volunteers.

Today, 17 May, we stop to reflect on IDAHOBIT day and celebrate Jasper’s 6th birthday. Initially I was drawn to Jasper – a community with more than 2100 members – because it was a safe space to just be myself in a community of people that made me feel like I belonged. The impact that Jasper has had on individuals and the communities that are around BHP is incredible and a real testament to the important work our Jasper teams do, going over and above their normal jobs.

I know from the most recent AWEI survey that our community is still experiencing bullying and harassment today. The mental health impacts associated with this reality is unacceptable and we need to ensure that we use our platforms to amplify the voices of those experiencing bullying, harassment, stigma, biases, or discrimination.

I understand the burden of not being out at work and trying to mask my true self. It was exhausting and impacted every part of my working and home life – from building strong work relationships to being able to focus on my work. Being out and being able to just be me has made me a better leader and a much happier person in general.

This is why days like today – International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia, Transphobia and discrimination against intersex people (IDAHOBIT), is so important. IDAHOBIT is an internationally recognised day against discrimination towards the LGBT+ community and the date was chosen (17 May) to commemorate the 1990 decision by the World Health Organization to remove homosexuality from the International Classification of Diseases.  

This year, I also want to shed light on the domestic, family and partner violence and abuse experienced by the community. I feel that its days like this that help us to raise awareness and champion inclusion in our workplace for the LGBT+ community. This allows us to take stock of how far we have come, to never forget that battles won and lost, and ultimately assess the gaps we still need to address.

Today and this week, our assets and offices around the world will host various activities to shed light on LGBT+ human rights and positive change.

The LGBT+ community can’t do this alone. We need Active Allies to help stamp out the stigma, biases, and discrimination we know is still happening. An Active Ally is not who you are but what you do, so please help us to advocate for LGBT+ safety within our workplaces and communities.