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It's good for me, my family and for the next generation. Inspiring the Tjiwarl community.

Clint Alec loves his job!

“We have a saying here: one team, one dream,” says Clint, who is now Charge Up Operator at BHP Nickel West’s Cliffs Underground Mine in Western Australia.

“That’s how you get things done, by working together.”

Clint joined Cliffs Underground Nickel Mine in Western Australia in 2019 as part of the Tjiwarl Work Ready Program. He has been with BHP for about four years, after graduating from our Indigenous Development Program.

Clint was recently named BHP WA Indigenous Employee of the year and attributes his recent win to the Cliffs team. 

The BHP Western Australia Indigenous Awards, are, aimed at celebrating an Indigenous employee’s excellent performance in their day-to-day duties, including the willingness to go over and above what is normally required, leadership qualities and exemplary behaviour in line with our Charter values.

“It was pretty strange actually,” recalls Clint with a laugh. “I didn’t really have a mentality that I would win. I was just doing my work the way I should. I was very surprised, but it’s a very nice recognition. I like my work a lot.”

Through the 2020 Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), BHP has been working to increase Indigenous representation and create a more inclusive workplace.

Breanna Cameron, Alt. Underground Manager and Clint’s co-worker, said Clint had a transformational story they are all proud to be a part of.

“Clint exudes positivity and uses his journey to influence, motivate and empower others,” she said.

“We are all really proud of him and so lucky to work with him at Cliffs Underground mine.”

Clint hopes his story will inspire the younger generation to work hard and step up to new opportunities, in addition to mentoring younger members of the Tjiwarl community.

“It’s good to be able to work for myself, my family and for the next generation of my community.”