Camps to Communities Innovation Challenge

As part of our efforts to make workplaces safer and more inclusive for everyone, BHP has launched the Camps to Communities (C2C) Innovation Challenge, a global competition for innovators to develop new ideas and concepts for the travel and accommodation experience of our workforce.

We want to transform our villages into thriving communities where our people can live, learn and explore their interests, all while staying connected to home.

To do this, we’re calling on our global innovation community - including our existing supplier and vendor network - to put forward new and exciting ideas and solutions across four strategic pillars: accommodation, lifestyle, connectedness to home and travel.  

Camps to Communities Innovation Challenge sponsor and Global Inclusion and Diversity Council and Business Lead, Fiona Vines, said the Challenge is an example of the significant work being done by BHP to improve the overall safety, inclusiveness and standards of the travel and accommodation experience for our people.

“The Camps to Community Innovation Challenge supports a broad range of activities we are already undertaking to create a positive step-change for the experience of our site-based workforce, including the delivery of safety and security improvements, as well as the work to stop sexual assault, sexual harassment and disrespectful behaviours,” Fiona said. 

“By tapping into the brains of our large vendor network, we want to know what we can do to reinvent the experience for our team members who leave their families and homes for long periods of time to travel and stay at our remote accommodation villages.

“As a company, it's important that we continue to uplift the travel experience by re-imagining how the traditional accommodation locations could look and feel; and transform them into communities of the future,” Fiona said.  

The Camps to Communities Innovation Challenge is open to all of our existing vendors, including our Traditional Owner and Indigenous Businesses as well as suppliers in our local communities as part of our Local Buying Program.  

Through the Challenge, we hope to discover new ideas and solutions - from Proof of Concept through to finished products and services – that push beyond current mining industry standards. 

Vendors and suppliers can submit their ideas across just one or all four key themes. No idea is too big or small.

Challenge winners will have the opportunity to work with BHP to pilot and embed their solution or to potentially sell a viable product or service.  

The Expression of Interest process is now open and candidates who make the short list are expected to pitch their concepts later this calendar year.

More information can be found at the Challenge website.