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A community-led future

“It’s allowed Moranbah to have a voice.”

Nestled in the Bowen Basin, 1000 kms north of Brisbane, are Moranbah and Dysart — two communities that are central to our Queensland mining operations and home to the Smart Transformation Advisory Council (STAC).

The STAC is a community-led forum that brings together BHP Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) with community representatives, to navigate the opportunities and impacts of the fourth industrial revolution, together.

Moranbah State School Principal, Anthony Edwards said this forum provides an avenue for the whole community to be heard.

“I think the big thing that Smart Transformation has achieved is bringing community members to the table and to the conversation. It’s allowed Moranbah to have a voice,” he said.

“Historically, we were used to big companies doing consultation processes with only their interests at heart, whereas the past few years have taught us that BHP is really genuine in its attempt to get feedback from the community.”

Moranbah Discount Tyres & Mechanical Owner and Greater Whitsunday Alliance (GW3) Director, Carolyn Fritz said the variety of voices helps to distil the core community needs.

“It’s very important to bring those voices all together and understand the real and basic requirements that the community and business owners alike, need and value,” she said.

“It’s amazing BHP are willing to listen to that.”

Since it began in 2019, the Smart Transformation Advisory Council has delivered a number of important outcomes for Dysart and Moranbah, including:

  • The Digital Connectivity Project which is enhancing digital connectivity to both towns to support current and new businesses and industry, schools, and community groups. This program is jointly funded by BHP and Telstra.
  • A new skills and training project, where an innovative new Careers Navigator role was established. As part of the Queensland Future Skills Partnership, the role will support students at both Moranbah and Dysart State High Schools with dedicated career planning and advisory services for students and career seekers in the region.
  • Establishment of the Isaac Childcare Leadership Alliance to help improve access to childcare. Formed by Smart Transformation through Childcare Roundtables involving childcare businesses, the local Council and industry representatives, the Alliance will help address access to childcare, underpinned by a $1m commitment from BHP over two years.

Goonyella Riverside Mine General Manager, Sean Milfull said that working together has meant the group has been effective in reaching solutions.

“No one entity has all the answers, so the collaborative approach and active participation of the Smart Transformation Advisory Council and all those involved, means we can collectively problem solve,” he said.  

Social value is our positive contribution to society — to our people, partners, the environment, economies and the communities where we work and live. For us, it’s about listening and learning, and working together with those who support and rely on us, to create long-term mutual benefit.

Find out more about our approach to social value at BHP and visit bhp.com/socialvalue for more examples of social value in action.