Nick retires after 42 years at Peak Downs Mine

Nick Pearce worked at BMA Mitsubishi Alliance’s (BMA) Peak Downs Mine for 42 years, and this year hung up his hard hat in time for retirement, and in Nick’s words – a lot of golf.

Nick, an operator at the CHPP, first joined team Peak in June 1980 as a Trade’s Assistant in the wash plant.

After two years he became an operator – a role which he held for 40 years.

“I started when I was 19, and I did things like ground hosing, before I went to the operator role – you worked your way up,” he said.

During his last few rounds at site, Nick looked over at the wash plant, saying he’d barely left the building that had become a second home.

As an operator of the mobile equipment at the wash plant, he worked alongside a crew responsible for operating, monitoring and maintaining the Coal Handling Preparation plant.

“I’ve seen a lot of change. Where I noticed the biggest difference was a lot more is computerised now – the controls and what is read on the conveyors – it’s a bit like your car and what’s changed over the years,” he said.

“In the 42 years I’ve been at Peak safety has come a long way – nothing can be fixed overnight, but we made big improvements over time and that’s really great to see.”

He said he had lasting memories and friendships which he would always hold close when he swiped out of site for the last time.

After 42 years, you might think Nick will be thinking about stockpiles in his sleep, but he said he’s ready for his next chapter – finishing a new house build and catching up with friends on the course.

“I play a lot of golf and now I play vet’s golf, and a lot of old coal miner’s play vets golf so it will be like going to work,” he said.

Because for Nick, when it comes down to it, he said what he’ll miss most is the people.

You’ll be missed too Nick.

Congratulations on a wonderful career, and thanks for making Peak proud.

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two men and a woman standing smiling to camera on a mine site

This year Peak Downs Mine celebrates 50 years of operation. Keep an eye out for more employee profiles as we celebrate this milestone.