Jasper hits 2000 members

Just five years after it was born, Jasper, our LGBT+ and ally network is celebrating this major milestone.

Started in 2017 by a few employees, Jasper has grown into a community of over 2000 people, made up of eight regional chapters spread across Asia, Australia and the Americas.

Founder, Cameron Tirendi said “It’s hard to believe it's been over five years since I set up that first and initial conversation with other like-minded people. From there the group grew, secured an executive sponsor and in December 2017 Jasper was officially endorsed by the Global Inclusion and Diversity Council and our Executive Leadership Team.’”

Supported by a global team of volunteers and sponsored by Elsabe Muller, Asset President BMC and Michiel Hovers, Group Sales and Marketing Officer, Jasper continues to prove the power of employee resource groups (ERGs).

Elisabeth Knowles, Global Co-lead for Jasper said “I’d like to thank Jasper leads and members, past and present for their work over the last 5 years in helping to make BHP a safer and more inclusive place for LGBT+ people. From organising events, fundraising, running information sessions, creating inclusive policies and more. A huge amount of change has been driven directly from our employees.”

"It's the employees who make a workplace culture great, and as you probably already know, we have some amazing LGBT+ people and allies at BHP all over the world. Keep being you. You're proof that BHP does have a 'safe to speak up' culture."

Jasper is especially proud of their recent work to make BHP more inclusive for trans and gender diverse people which will be shared at the upcoming Australian LGBTQ Inclusion Awards as seen in this video.

Jasper continues to advocate for the inclusion of LGBT+ people at BHP and now does so across 7 key pillars:

  • HR policy and diversity practice 
  • Sustainability, strategy and accountability
  • Employee and leadership engagement
  • Visibility and awareness
  • Education, training and professional development
  • Data collection and reporting
  • Community engagement

Learn more about LGBT+ inclusion at BHP here.