Electric Vehicles

BHP supports Automotive Data of China launch 2021 annual report on energy-saving and new energy vehicle in China

Today, BHP supports ADC, a subsidiary of China Automotive Technology and Research Centre (CATARC) to launch its 2021 Annual Report on Energy-saving and New Energy Vehicles in China at an industry forum in Tianjing, China. BHP has signed a two-year partnership agreement with ADC in March to support its research on the future electrification of transport in China. 

With aims to promote the sustainable and low-carbon development of China’s automotive industry, the annual report consists of 6 chapters and 13 topics, which covers the development of energy-saving and new energy vehicles in China from the aspects of industrial environment, energy consumption, product attributes, technology application, power battery technologies and key materials, as well as long-term industry outlook.

BHP Chief Commercial Officer, Vandita Pant said, “BHP is aiming to be a responsible and reliable supplier in China’s new-energy vehicles and battery value chain. We are very proud to be able to partner with ADC-CATARC on this important work and together, make a tangible contribution to the industry. This is a clear example of how collaboration along industry value chain can make real and positive change, for a range of sectors, and of course, for the environment.”

“Sharing the research outcomes with the industry, government and the public through ADC-CATARC’s annual report and today’s Forum will be a key step to bring the research to life and contribute to the building of the broader electric vehicle ecosystem. It will also bring us all closer to meeting our climate goals.” Vandita added.

Vice President of China Automotive Technology and Research Centre Co., Ltd, Prof. Zhixin Wu stated at the forum,  “The development of energy-saving and new energy vehicles represents not only a strategic direction toward China’s energy security, but also a strategic pathway to achieve China's carbon peak and neutrality targets, it is also a critical step toward building a stronger automotive industry in China. In an effort to support the energy-saving and low-carbon development and electrification of China’s automotive industry, CATARC has been compiling and publishing the Annual Report on Energy-saving and New Energy Vehicle since 2014. These reports have informed government policy-making and car makers’ strategic planning. In 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) engaged CATARC to conduct a research on the roadmap for the evolution of automotive industry towards carbon neutrality, aiming to map out a comprehensive low-carbon transition trajectory for the auto sector, covering policies, standards, markets, technologies, and industry dynamics. Highlights have been included in the 2021 Annual Report on Energy-saving and New Energy Vehicle released today.”

China’s new energy vehicle sales are growing rapidly and presents both huge market potential and great opportunities for market participants. China is currently by far the biggest market for new energy vehicles and home to some of the world’s leading battery producers. As this trajectory plays out, the reliable and sustainable supply of raw materials such as nickel for batteries will be critical to support the transition to new energy vehicles. 85% of BHP’s nickel metal is now sold into the electric vehicle supply chain, up from around 21% in 2017 and less than 5% in the years prior. As a responsible resources company, and reliable and trusted supplier, BHP will be committed to the building of the broader electric vehicle ecosystem in China so as to make contributions to China’s climate ambitions.