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Jarrods fleet of trucks drives him to excel

Culture and an inspiring work environment are the key drivers to Jarrod's love for his role as a Maintenance Technician at BMA's Saraji Coal Mine in Central Queensland.

Spending his time fixing trucks as part of the Operations Services (OS) team is a fulfilling career for Jarrod, saying it's his genuine passion for the trucks that keep him motivated to excel in his field.

"Our goal is to be the maintenance team with the most reliable fleet of trucks," Jarrod said.

"To me, it's about trying to be creative and innovative, so we're preventing things from happening in the first place, rather than fixing it after it's happened - being proactive instead of reactive."

Jarrod's career in mining started just over a year ago, after honing his maintenance skills working on the Central Queensland railway. Jarrod said it's these skills that helped him secure his position with Operations Services.

"Throughout my life, I've been fortunate to have a few 'sliding door' moments that have brought me to where I am now in my career," Jarrod said.

"I'd never stepped foot onto a mine site, and when the opportunity came up to apply for a contractor position, I was relying on my skills to get my foot in the door.

"Three months after starting, I moved into a permanent position with the OS team, and I must say I never thought what was being offered would come to fruition; it seemed too good to be true!

"I'm now 12 months into my role, and I've never experienced and been part of a team that's so diverse across demographics, backgrounds and skill base, and where the culture is so uplifting, and your career goals are front and centre," Jarrod said.

For Jarrod, it's the way OS seamlessly blends the gap between workforce and management.

"From the top down, everyone in Management is so friendly and easy-going with a true focus on each individual's development," Jarrod said.

"The exposure I've had working alongside people with such a broad knowledge base has been incredible.

"I'm a sponge soaking up all that I can, and I can truly say over the past 12 months with OS I've been the best version of myself professionally and personally."

Jarrod works a seven-on, seven-off roster and during his downtime he calls Rockhampton in Central Queensland home, enjoying hockey and creating bespoke furniture.

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