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BHP partners with local Womens Shelter and Police to help keep the Newman community safe

Thanks to the creative thinking of BHP’s Geoscience team in Newman, BHP has provided temporary facilities to help the local Women’s shelter and Police deliver critical services that keep local residents healthy and safe in the face of COVID-19.

How? By repurposing spare BHP caravans.

The Newman Women’s Shelter, of which BHP are a long-time supporter, provides a safe refuge for women and children affected by family and domestic violence.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has added complexity to housing women and children in their time of need. Previously, the existing shelter did not have the appropriate facilities to isolate and house people if there was a suspected or confirmed case.

The team’s quick thinking identified the opportunity to repurpose a 3-bedroom BHP caravan to act as a temporary home for someone in need.

Maggie Lewis, Manager of the Newman’s Women’s Shelter said “The repurposed caravan is an absolute game changer for us; we can now deliver a safe and appropriate service to women escaping domestic violence who may be infected with COVID-19”.

The creative caravan solution has also been put to use to support the local police.

Recent Government emergency requirements for remote communities in response to COVID-19 have required WA Police Officers to be stationed at remote community borders. To help make their stay a bit cooler and more comfortable, the team offered up another spare caravan.

BHP’s Ben Hoyer who has lived in Newman for the past 20 years took the caravan out to the officers and said they were ecstatic with temporary facility.

“It gets really hot out there, and the flies are unrelenting,” Ben said.

“These guys are doing a tremendous job, and it’s great that BHP can help make their jobs a bit more comfortable.

“Kitted out with a generator, fridge and air conditioning it will definitely help keep their morale and spirits up.”

A separate caravan has also been set up at a checkpoint at the Capricorn Road House, where local police are restricting travel between Western Australia’s regions for a two-week period.

For more information on how we’re supporting local communities visit out dedicated COVID-19 page on our website.