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Mapping Change Across I&D

“I’m excited about the potential for BHP to grow in the inclusion and diversity space and am appreciative of the positive influence we can have, both within and outside of the resources sector.” – Kate Griener, Biostratigrapher, BHP.

Meet Kate Griener, she is a Biostratigrapher, who sits on the culture team, contributing to BHP’s inclusion and diversity efforts. Kate’s passion for Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) intensified last year after the birth of her daughter.

As a woman in STEM, Kate’s interest in I&D was initiated through the lens of personal experience and through her own exposure to stigma and bias. Kate’s enthusiasm for I&D has since expanded beyond her own familiarity, to include the cultural mechanisms, practices, and systems that enable opportunity and remove barriers for all.

Kate has observed firsthand how inclusive and diverse teams create a culture of innovation, productivity, and problem-solving and how exclusion causes teams to underperform. The business cases in support of I&D are numerous and wide-ranging, and diversity has been attributed to higher return on equity, increased employee satisfaction, and better financial performance, among other things. But perhaps more importantly, Kate believes that building more diverse teams and practicing greater inclusion are keys to solving the world’s most complex problems – issues like climate change, water stewardship, access to education, and the energy transition.

Kate’s passion for I&D intensified last year after the birth of her daughter, both because of her experience now as a working mother and because of her desire to build a more inclusive and equitable world for her daughter’s generation, one that is prepared to take on challenges in a new light.

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