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How a hackathon in Mongolia is helping solve real world challenges

Can technology be used to ‘hack’ into real world challenges and provide better solutions?  The participants of the first Mongolian ‘Hackathon for Inequality’ think it can.

It was all part of International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) ‘From Disclosure to Development’ project which is funded by BHP Foundation.  This project seeks to make disclosed natural resource data accessible and useful to citizens to drive more informed public debate, accountability and decision-making.

The Hackathon was held in partnership with DW Akademie, the Mongolian Center of Investigative Reporters, National Statistical Office, Press Institute and the HUB Innovation Center. Twelve teams of young journalists, data analysts, designers and programmers used open data to develop insights and infographics on topics including education, women in decision-making, and natural resource revenue.

This has helped create dialogue at a national level to discuss natural resource data challenges and improved the flow of fact-based information about the Mongolian resources sector to the public.

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