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Raising the bar for environmental conservation

Are we rising to the challenge of protecting our environment? Can we work at greater pace, greater scale and do more, faster?

They're the questions asked at a recent Australian Land Conservation Alliance (ALCA) conference held in Adelaide (Australia) where the BHP Foundation was the Principal Conference Partner.

ALCA work with 3,000 landholders across three million square kilometres to deliver a vision where nature thrives and is cared for by empowered people and resilient communities.

That aligns with the BHP Foundation’s ambition to drive new ways of conserving and sustainably managing natural environments for the benefit of future generations.

Bringing together 350 people from across the conservation community to participate in a national discussion about landscape-scale, conservation practices and mechanisms, the conference was a great opportunity to connect, share, learn and challenge the sector to increase delivery of genuine impacts.

At the conference, the BHP Foundation’s Environmental Resilience Program Director, Melinda Macleod participated in a panel session on empowering communities through collaboration and capacity building.

Melinda was joined by Foundation partners Andrew Minyardie and Peter See from the 10 Deserts project, Ariadne Gorring leading the Knowledge Network, and Henry Tepper, from the Chile Conservation Corridor project.

The panel demonstrated what can be achieved by attracting the right partners, working collaboratively to build local capacity, and sharing their knowledge and learnings on a global scale.

And that’s helping raise the bar for lasting environmental conservation.

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