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Enhancing access to education for women in Mexico

Across the world, 495 million women are illiterate and tens of millions of girls are unable to access education. With BHP Foundation’s support, UN Women is working to break down the barriers to enable participation in education through the Second Chance Education and Vocational Learning Program.  UN Women Mexico has commenced the implementation phase of this program in Indigenous communities in the State of Puebla and in marginalized areas surrounding Mexico City and the city of Guadalajara. The goal of the project is to reach 5,000 women in two years through the establishment of learning centers in these areas. To date, four learning centers have been opened providing women with access to courses on entrepreneurship, life planning and computing skills. A wide spectrum of partnerships has been accomplished in order to ensure that women overcome the main barriers they face for accessing education and labour market opportunities. Some of these include partnerships with the private sector to ensure learning pathways are in line with labour market needs, or with local governments to ensure women have access to health and care installations that allow them to focus on their learning.