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The Pilbara's passionate people thinking big with BHP

Wherever BHP operates, we are committed to ensuring we continually improve the way we work with our stakeholders.

One way we accomplish this is through our Stakeholder Engagement Groups (SEG) in Port Hedland and Newman, which help us better understand the people we work alongside.

Tania Tucker has spent the past two decades living and working in the Newman community.

She is a mother of four, an entrepreneur (starting her own clothing and florist business in Newman) and is now a Business Development Manager for the Newman Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Tania is also a vocal and passionate member of BHP’s Newman Stakeholder Engagement Group.

Tania said the benefits of being a member of the Newman SEG have been enormous.

“It’s extremely motivating to see the ‘other side’ of BHP,” Tania said.

“I was amazed at the access and level of detail BHP were sharing with us. My participation in this group has given me a better understanding of the technical aspects of the company and how they manage their operations.

“I also found the collaboration a great initiative to have BHP, local businesses and the community all have their say on issues and share them in a common forum.

“After all, we all want to ensure the ongoing prosperity and economic future of Newman for many more years.”

Whether it’s industry, government or the community, transparency and two way engagement is paramount to achieving successful outcomes for everyone involved.

Each SEG is a diverse group of people who have a keen interest in their local community and are able to provide insightful perspectives on our operations and the mining industry as a whole.

BHP hosts SEG forums up to four times a year, where members meet to discuss BHP related issues and provide input into aspects of the planning of our operating environment, growth programs, sustainable development and environmental and economic impacts.

There is an application process to join a SEG group, however all community members who have an active interest in the sustainable development of the iron ore industry are welcome to apply.

For more information or to apply, contact

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