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Michelle Elvy talks inclusive leadership and the future of mining

Recently, Michelle Elvy, BHP Billiton Mitsui Coal's (BMC) Head of Integrated Operations, addressed attendees at the 2018 AUSIMM New Leaders Conference and shared her thoughts on 'Inclusive leadership'.

Building on this year's conference theme  - 'Building our future on the foundations of history' - Michelle spoke to her experiences in the industry, where she shared personal and professional examples of how she has learned to incorporate key elements of inclusive leadership throughout her career. 

Michelle started by speaking to the complexity of leading teams during a time where workforces and workplaces are rapidly changing. 

"It's an interesting time for us to talk about inclusive leadership, as we are living in a time of increased volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity in our economic, technological and political contexts," Michelle said.

"In an environment, which is filled with this ambiguity and where the only certainty is change, we need to demonstrate strong leadership more than ever."

Michelle went on to share her thoughts on a range of topics during the session including the core skills of a great leader, and the importance of authenticity, resilience and emotional intelligence, as well as her own reflections on leadership at BHP.

"In my role at BHP, I have really come to see and believe that our teams are our only true asset."

"My philosophy is about wanting to lead people in a way that motivates them to be their best, and continually grow as people and professionals," Michelle said. 

"And I believe being an inclusive leader creates the environment for your people to do this."

Michelle also highlighted the importance of inclusive leadership in the current industry environment, and how seeking out different perspectives will only make us as a business, and an industry, stronger.

"As we travel into more volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, we can't afford to look at the world through only one lens, or make assumptions about the world," Michelle said.

"We need to constantly seek out different perspectives, different ways of thinking, and continually challenge ourselves and our assumptions."

The AUSIMM New Leaders Conference is a two-day event, where students and graduates attend thought-provoking presentations from the wide range of disciplines essential to mining.

These are aimed to challenge ideas and provide attendees with key insights from mining leaders to help equip them with leadership skills and to provide a platform to establish the next generation of mining leaders.