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CQUNI and BHP extend their strategic partnership

CQUniversity and BHP have today announced that they will extend their strategic community partnership, with BHP to deliver a $4 million commitment to fund university-led programs in Central and North Queensland over the next five years. 

The strategic partnership and funding will address key education and equity challenges facing communities within these regions, with funding being directed towards student scholarships and engagement and research projects to support Indigenous education aspirations and participation. 

CQUniversity Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Scott Bowman, welcomed the new strategic partnership, saying that BHP and CQUni share the same aspirations for the regions they serve.

“BHP and CQUniversity share a strong commitment to deliver positive and meaningful outcomes to the communities that make up Central and North Queensland.

“This synergy led to the establishment of our initial partnership in 2012 and remains the driving force behind this new partnership. 

“I would like to thank and commend BHP for its visionary investment into our communities as this investment will enable CQUniversity to continue and expand the work it has done over the past five years,” said Professor Bowman.

“This work will be led by our newly appointed Pro Vice-Chancellor and BHP Chair in Indigenous Engagement, Professor Adrian Miller, who will work directly with communities to bring about positive outcomes and champion Indigenous education and inclusiveness.”

BHP Asset President James Palmersaid that both organisations share a strong  commitment and passion to contribute to Central and North Queensland’s prosperity.

“Together we work to support the needs of regional Australians, and we are extremely proud of the  positive long-term outcomesour partnership with CQ University has delivered for communities in central and northern Queensland over the past five years.”  

To date the partnership has supported the educational aspirations of regionally-based students by funding over 50 student scholarships, and has overseen the delivery of the AIME program in Central Queensland, engaging almost 700 Indigenous students in years 7-12.   The relationship has also resulted in the development of a range of research and engagement activities led by CQUni’s Pro Vice-Chancellor and BHP Chair in Indigenous Engagement. 

“We look forward to  our strategic partnership  delivering even stronger outcomes for students and communities in Central and North Queensland.

“In particular, engaging with CQUniversity and the Pro Vice-Chancellor and BHP Chair in Indigenous Engagement to research and implement   initiatives that facilitate education and employment aspirations, and inclusiveness for Indigenous peoples withincentral and northern Queensland,” said Mr. Palmer.