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Fruit dehydrator made by Arica schoolchildren shown at Solar Projects Fair

  • The Gourmet Sun project, developed by sixth graders at Colegio Hispano in Arica, is one of the novelties at the Solar Projects Fair held on June 27 at the University of Tarapacá as part of the seminar "Arica and Parinacota: Our Future is the Sun”.
  • The Solar Projects Fair, run by students and teachers belonging to the Solar Schools Network, is part of Ayllu Solar, an initiative that seeks to increase knowledge and reflection in schools about solar potential in Arica and Parinacota Region.
  • The event is organised by Ayllu Solar, with the support of the BHP Billiton Billiton and Fundación Chile as strategic partners, together with Arica’s department of municipal education (DAEM) and the universities of Chile, Tarapacá and Antofagasta.