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Colossal achievement in Coloso

From managing the storage of copper concentrate in the Stockpile warehouse to loading it on ships and trucks, Minera Escondida workers in Port Coloso complete their daily tasks with precision and a culture of care. And on June 3 these dedicated professionals reached an amazing milestone of 15 years without a Lost Time Incident. That is over 1,900 ships and countless trucks that have been loaded to deliver the copper that the world needs.  

However, Escondida workers did not reach this milestone on their own. This level of safety is also a result of close collaboration with contractors in Port Coloso through regular safety meetings and a constant focus on executing even the most routine of tasks with care.

“We are proud to achieve this milestone in a marine environment. Everyone has demonstrated great professionalism, a desire to continue working safely here and with the community of Coloso, always keeping in mind self-care and returning home safe and sound,” commented Ricardo Lopez, Port Operator.

Every month, Minera Escondida loads and ships thousands of tonnes of copper concentrate from Puerto Coloso to different parts of the world.

Watch Ricardo and his colleagues in action as they load a ship with a 55,000 tonne capacity in this time lapse video.