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BHP Billiton Foundation donates US$1.25 million to support Hurricane Harvey disaster relief

In response to Hurricane Harvey’s impact on the state of Texas, the BHP Billiton Foundation today announced a donation of US$1.25 million to the American Red Cross to assist with local relief efforts.

James Ensor, Chief Executive Officer of the BHP Billiton Foundation, said:

“Our thoughts are with those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. The Hurricane has caused unprecedented catastrophic flooding across Southeast Texas, where 54 counties are declared state of emergency areas. More than 12 million people were in the path of the hurricane and towns such as Victoria, Corpus Christi, Rockport and other central Texas Gulf Coast communities are reported to be completely destroyed.

The American Red Cross is providing a mass response in the wake of the Hurricane Harvey’s destruction of homes, businesses and lives across central and eastern Texas as well as southwest and southern Louisiana.

The BHP Billiton Foundation donation will enable American Red Cross to provide impacted families with immediate access to food, shelter and financial assistance in the wake of this devastating event.”

The BHP Billiton Foundation is a charity funded by BHP.

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