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Twelve sports facilities for the Antofagasta community

After five years of work, the Minera Escondida Foundation has delivered a total of 12 sports facilities to the community of Antofagasta, in various strategic areas of the city, promoting sports and healthy living.

The works improved construction of the field surfaces, remodelled bathrooms and dressing rooms; and installed sports equipment, new lighting and a perimeter fence. Approximately US $12.8 million was invested in the initiative.

Juan Pablo Orellana, Executive Director of the Minera Escondida Foundation, said the Sports Circuit encourages community integration, as the courts and fields bring residents of the city and its surrounding areas together.

A distinctive feature of the project is that the facilities are managed mainly by neighbours and sports representatives of each area. To do this, the Minera Escondida Foundation provided training and workshops to strengthen organisations and help them implement a sustainable management model.

‘The work of the field and court administrators has been successful and we are confident that it will remain like that in the future so younger generations can enjoy these high-quality spaces that will develop future sportspeople,’ said Orellana.

‘We are happy to have completed this great project and to have fulfilled the mission. This foundation’s contribution demonstrates once again that we can achieve a lot by working together.’