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  • Business Briefings|Operational Reviews
    09 September 2015

    Operational Capability and Technical Expertise, Petroleum

    The Petroleum business within BHP Billiton is the oil and gas arm of one of the world’s largest resources companies. We run a carefully managed portfolio of upstream assets around the world, including our heartland fields in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, onshore United States and Australia. The quality of these assets, along with a long-standing focus on safety and operational excellence, is essential to our strategy.

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    24 November 2014, 11:00 AM

    Coal: Improving Productivity and Sustainably Lowering Costs

    BHP Billiton is today hosting an investor briefing in Sydney. Dean Dalla Valle, President Coal, is presenting at the briefing....

  • Conferences
    13 April 2011

    First Liberia Mining Energy and Petroleum Conference

    Ian Ashby, President Iron Ore, presents at the 1st Liberia Mining, Energy and Petroleum Conference in Monrovia, Liberia.

  • Conferences
    22 August 2007

    Investor Presentation - BHP Billiton Petroleum

    J. Michael Yeager, Chief Executive, Petroleum, addresses investors in South Africa.

  • Conferences
    04 July 2006

    Mining In Africa Opportunities And Challenges

    Dr Vincent Maphai, Chairman, BHP Billiton South Africa, addresses the African Junior Mining Congress 2006 in Midrand, South Africa.

  • Conferences
    15 September 2005

    Investment Analysts Society

    Chip Goodyear, Chief Executive Officer, addresses the Investment Analysts’ Society in Johannesburg, South Africa.

  • Conferences
    16 September 2004

    Investment Analysts Society of South Africa

    ​Chris Lynch, Chief Financial Officer, addresses the Investment Analysts Society of South Africa.

  • Conferences
    09 October 2003

    Investment Analyst Society

    ​Chip Goodyear, Chief Executive Officer, addresses the Investment Analyst Society in Johannesburg, South Africa.

  • Conferences|Annual Reports|Exchange Releases
    02 September 2002

    BHP Billiton Petroleum and Growth

    ​Philip Aiken, President Petroleum, delivered a presentation to the investment community in South Africa on 2 and 3 September.

  • Conferences|Speeches
    30 August 2002

    World Summit on Sustainable Development - Johannesburg

    ​Brian Gilbertson delivered a speech at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development/International Institute for Economic Development, Mining, Minerals & Sustainable Development meeting.

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