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  • Business Briefings|Conferences
    26 November 2001, 11:00 AM

    Petroleum Business Briefing

    Philip Aiken, President and CEO Petroleum, Greg Robinson, CFO Petroleum, Mike Weill,President Integrated Business Development Petroleum and Terry White, Vice PresidentBass Strait, present a...

  • Conferences
    15 November 2001, 11:00 AM

    Financial Risk Management Presentation

    Chip Goodyear, Chief Development Officer, and Rowen Bainbridge, Vice PresidentMarket Risk Management, present BHP Billiton’s financial methodology, including capitaldeployment, hedging, market...

  • Conferences
    05 November 2001

    CIBC World Markets Mining Dinner

    ​Paul Anderson looks at global business challenges, and discusses the results of the merger earlier this year. He also addresses corporate responsibility and sustainable development, highlighting...

  • Conferences
    17 October 2001

    Steel Making Raw Materials Opportunities and Challenges

    ​Bob Kirkby's speech on the opportunities and challenges in the Steel Making Raw Materials in Australia and Japan, addresses globalisation, the historical relationship between Japan and Australia,...

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