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Number 58/02

BHP Billiton today announced the appointment of Dr John Buchanan to the BHP Billiton Board, effective 1st February, 2003.  John Buchanan was formerly BP Executive Director and Group Chief Financial Officer, and will act as the Senior Independent Director of BHP Billiton Plc.

Announcing the appointment, BHP Billiton Chairman Don Argus said: “The Board is pleased to have secured the services of John Buchanan with his wide international business career, depth of experience in the petroleum industry and his knowledge of the UK investment community.

“John Buchanan has had a distinguished career with BP and his appointment will further strengthen the Board.  He will bring valuable expertise and insights to the BHP Billiton Group.”

Mr Argus also paid tribute to former BHP Billiton Deputy Chairman John Jackson, who retired from the Board in November 2002, for his outstanding service to BHP Billiton and the  former Billiton Board during the past five years.

“Mr Jackson made a significant contribution to the BHP Billiton Board and, as Senior Independent Director of Billiton plc, played a key role in the merger integration process at Board level.

“The Board benefited immeasurably from his insight, wise counsel and broad business expertise and his contribution as Chairman of the Board Remuneration Committee, in particular, proved invaluable,” said Mr Argus.

CV for Dr John Buchanan

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