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BHP Billiton's venture capital fund, BBIG Venture Capital, has concluded its first European deal with an investment of £1,000,000, in the Bristol-based energy-from-waste company, Compact Power Holdings plc.

Compact Power has developed a renewable energy and thermal recycling technology to meet the emerging demand for advanced waste treatment processes. Compatible with recycling and meeting the highest emissions standards, the process optimises energy recovery and offers the potential for zero waste strategies by converting residues into recycled products. The technology has been largely proven and the first commercial plant has been built in Avonmouth, Bristol.

BBIG will be working with Compact Power to identify opportunities for mutual value creation. The investment provides BHP Billiton with a window into the renewable energy marketplace, and is consistent with the Group's wider objectives related to sustainable development.

The venture capital fund forms part of BHP Billiton Capital (BCAP), and was launched on 14 July 2001. The fund is dedicated to post-prototype investments in alternative energy, new materials technology, and knowledge management.

For more information, please contact BBIG Venture Capital at Compact Power can be contacted through

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