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We are a business committed to regularly engaging with our shareholders. We strongly believe their views make us a better business and we welcome their feedback.

We regularly meet with investors and investor representative organisations across the world to discuss a range of strategy and governance topics including our approach to environment, social and governance matters. Some of the topics we’ve covered with investors in the past include Samarco, human rights, portfolio, long-term value creation, culture, diversity, purpose and executive remuneration.

To better understand how we strive to understand shareholder views see the chart at the bottom of this page.

Further information

Below is a list of key Environment, Social and Governance matters. Each link will provide an insight into BHP’s approach.


Sustainability case studies

Sustainable development in action.

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Climate change

We believe the world must pursue the twin objectives of limiting climate change to the lower end of the IPCC emission scenarios in line with current international agreements, while providing access to reliable and affordable energy to support economic development and improved living standards.

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Closure planning

Closure planning touches many areas of our business and is an important consideration throughout the life cycle of our operations.

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Environmental management

Our approach to environmental management is based on the robust identification, assessment and control of material risks across all phases of our business.

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Product stewardship

Our operations produce materials that contribute directly to the growth of cities and communities across the world and are crucial to the economic and social development of society.

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Water stewardship

Water is a critical enabler for BHP, a shared resource, a basic human right and key to ecosystem function. Water stewardship is not new for us but we know we can do more.

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Our people

To achieve success in a business diversified by commodity, geography and market, we require talented, diverse and inclusive teams that reflect our local communities.

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Community and social engagement

We are committed to contributing to society through engagement and advocacy on important issues and by supporting targeted development areas to benefit the communities where operate.

Community news

Introduction and our approach

We are committed to contributing to society through engagement and advocacy on important issues and by supporting targeted development areas to benefit the communities where we operate.

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Forum on Corporate Responsibility

Since 1999, the BHP Forum on Corporate Responsibility has been pivotal to helping us to make informed decisions and develop appropriate sustainability standards.

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Indigenous Peoples

The long-term nature of our operations allows us to establish long-lasting relationships with the Indigenous communities in which we operate and those neighbouring our operations.

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Respecting human rights and UK Modern Slavery Act Statement

Respect for human rights is critical to the sustainability of our business.

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Human capability and social inclusion

Ensuring access to education and training, healthcare, quality jobs and business opportunities supports social inclusion and provides the opportunity for people to realise their full potential.

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Sustainable supply chain

The supply chain for our global operations includes skilled labour, miscellaneous services and supply of raw, direct and indirect materials. 

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Working with integrity

We are fully committed to working with integrity and our Code of Business Conduct. Like safety, working with integrity – doing what is right and doing what we say we will do - should be the starting point for everything we do. We care as much about how results are achieved as we do about the results themselves.

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Non-operated Joint Ventures

BHP holds interests in companies and joint ventures that we do not operate. We engage with our joint venture partners around sustainable development through formal governance structures and technical exchanges.

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Regulatory information

We are committed to high ethical business practices and governance standards. We provide detailed operational, environmental and community information for our local communities and key government stakeholders.

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Anti-corruption compliance

We are determined to play a significant role in the global fight against corruption in the resources industry. Building on a strong framework with a focus on continuous improvement, we have what we consider to be a world-class anti-corruption compliance program.

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Economic contribution and payments to governments Report

BHP Billiton pays taxes, royalties and other payments in accordance with the tax regulations and laws applying in the jurisdictions in which we operate. The report outlines our payments to governments by country in FY2016.

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Governance and transparency

With good governance of natural resources, countries have the potential to attract greater, more responsible and longer-term business investment.

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Tax and transparency

In 2000, we first disclosed our aggregate payments of taxes and royalties around the world. Since then, the detail of our disclosure in relation to payments to governments has continually increased.

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Shareholder communications

To discuss ESG related matters, Shareholders can contact us at any time through our ESG team. Shareholder and analyst feedback is shared with the Board through the Chairman, the Senior Independent Director, The Chairman of the Remuneration Committee, other Directors, the CEO, the CFO and the Group Company Secretary. In addition, Investor Relations and Group Governance provide regular reports to the Board on shareholder and governance manager feedback and analysis. This approach provides a robust mechanism to ensure Directors are aware of issues raised and have a good understanding of current shareholder views.

Understanding our shareholder views

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