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Live shareholder question and answer session
Peter Beaven, Chief Financial Officer

Friday 9 March 2018
12.00pm to 12.30pm, AEDT

On Friday 9 March, our Chief Financial Officer, Peter Beaven, held a live question and answer session via webcast for retail shareholders. He spoke about BHP's financial results for the half year ended 31 December 2017 before taking questions from shareholders on the matters most important to them.

Watch the webcast in full, or watch the questions and answers by topic:

Can you give any commentary about where the second alf might be heading and where you think 2019 might take BHP?




Watch (2:10 minutes): In the first question from shareholders, hear Peter's thoughts for the second half of the financial year, and his outlook for the 2019 Financial Year.

What's the outlook for dividends?




Watch (2:16 minutes): Peter explains the factors that influence dividends, how BHP’s dividend policy works and BHP’s drive to give cash back to shareholders.

I have been a BHP investor for many years. Is there any talk of a reinvestment plan in the future?




Watch (1:07 minutes): Peter says BHP will be offering a Dividend Reinvestment Plan this year and talks shareholders through what this means.

Can you please update us on your plans with oil shale assets?




Watch (1.01 minutes): Peter gives an update on BHP’s plan for its non-core shale assets and outlines the steps between now and a potential sale.

What is happening with Samarco? Are there any damages pending against the company?




Watch (1:27 minutes): In an update on Samarco, Peter talks through progress to date and our commitment to the future.

is BHP looking to potentially combine its UK and Australian holdings into one listing in Australia? Is it a good idea?




Watch (5:29 minutes): Peter talks through the pros and cons of BHP’s listing structure.

China is obviously a very important country to Australia and BHP. What is your outlook on China and what will it mean for the future of BHP?




Watch (2:21 minutes): Looking to key markets for BHP, Peter explains how the outlook for China affects BHP.

The world is moving away from carbon-based energies like Coal and Oil. How much does BHP expect its carbon-related usinesses to make up of BHP's future revenues and profit?




Watch (3:06 minutes): Peter talks through how BHP’s portfolio will meet demand for commodities in the future.  

Electric vehicles seem to be the way of the future. Is BHP's portfolio set up for this? Do you need to consider getting into lithium?




Watch (1:39 minutes): Continuing on the same theme, Peter notes that BHP’s copper portfolio is positioned to meet the demand of electric vehicles in the future and BHP’s thinking around the Lithium market.

When are you paying off your debt?




Watch (1:29 minutes): Peter explains what the right debt range is for BHP and why.

I've read in the paper this week about corporate tax - what does BHP think f Australia's corporate tax rate? Do we need to change it?




Watch (3:00 minutes): Peter answers a question on tax by explaining how corporate tax rates impact global competitiveness and capital investment.

What do you think is BHP's greatest opportunity? In contrast to that, what keeps you awake at night?




Watch (2:36 minutes): In the last question of the session, Peter gives his personal view on BHP’s greatest opportunity and future risks.

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