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BHP Live is an online event where shareholders can ask our leaders questions on the matters most important to them and receive answers live via webcast. 

We've held two BHP Live sessions to date, both hosted by Chief Financial Officer, Peter Beaven.

Watch the replays in full below, or by topic.


Question: How has BHP been tracking over the last six months? 




Watch (1:11 minutes): Peter provides an update on some of the major milestones since our last BHP Live session which was held in March this year.



Question: Following the recent record dividend, can we expect more of the same in the future?



Watch (2:12 minutes): Peter answers a question about our record dividend and expectations for the future.

Question: How do I know if I'm eligible for the dividend and how does the Dividend Reinvestment Plan work?




Watch (1:22 minutes): Peter talks about the Dividend Reinvestment Plan at BHP.

Question: What does BHP think the outlook for its shareholders is?




Watch (1:06 minutes): Peter gives an update on the market outlook.

BHP Live: 9 March 2018

Watch a replay of our live shareholder question and answer session with Chief Financial Officer, Peter Beaven.

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