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Graduate and student programs

Building a better world. Why not you?                                                                                                                                                           You can register to receive application opening date updates via the link below, or view all current global application openings and apply now.
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GradAndStudentMontagex 2022
GradAndStudentMontagex 2022
GradAndStudentMontagex 2022
GradAndStudentMontagex 2022

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A future at BHP. Why not you?

At BHP, we’re looking for the next generation of engineers. Not just anyone, but the best and brightest. Problem solvers who think big.

Engineers capable of helping find better ways to produce the resources essential for global economic development and a low carbon future.

You’ll be supported and motivated by our team of leaders to develop the leadership and technical skills to create a career that will have a lasting impact on not just you, but the world you live in.

Someone has to be responsible for that. Why not you? Why not BHP?

The program is open to engineering graduates and students from a range of backgrounds and degrees including (but not limited to):

• Engineering: Mining, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Electrical, Mine Geotechnical, Civil, Metallurgy / Minerals Processing, Chemical, Construction, Environmental, Instrumentation Control and Automation

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In addition to Engineering, we have graduate roles for a range of other backgrounds and degrees including:

● Science: Earth Science / Geology, Hydrogeology, Environmental, Physics, Chemistry, Spatial Science (Surveying), GIS

● Technology: Data Science, Computer Science, Applied Statistics, Software Engineering, Mathematics

● Health Science: Safety, Health, Occupational Hygiene, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Paramedical Science, Nursing

● Business: Accounting / Finance, Supply Chain, Logistics Management, Commerce

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The coolest thing about my job is the amount of time we get to spend working with technicians out in the field. Having a tangible positive impact on frontline workers through my work really makes my job rewarding.
jeet patel
Jeet Patel

Graduate Mechanical Engineer

A world of endless opportunities. Why not you?

Are you ready to help build a better world? Join our Graduate and Internship Programs at BHP.
To discover more, visit our program pages below.