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Certainty with flexibility

We offer a range of flexible work options, such as job-share and the flexibility to move across sites. We’re committed to working with you to find the move that will work best for you.

As OS offers permanent positions with full-time benefits flexible work options, such as job-share, are available to support your needs and preferences and.

One of the great benefits of working at OS is the ability to move across sites opening you up to new skills and new ways of working. We’ll work with you to ensure a change in location suits you and we are always open to discussing any flexible work option. If you have an idea for a flexible work arrangement that appeals to you, please feel free to discuss it with us during the recruitment process, or your line leader should you join OS.

Some of the options available could include, but are not limited to: night-shift only, day-shift only, part time, job share, staggered shifts, casual, 2on/1off or 1on/2off shifts.

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