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Feature: Partnering for change

A collection of open and honest stories that show what's possible when companies from different backgrounds come together to create change for the better.

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Our story

In 2016, we set an aspirational goal to achieve gender balance globally by 2025. We know inclusive and diverse teams are good for our business - our numbers prove it.

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Our approach

We are focused on four priority areas to accelerate the delivery of a more inclusive work and diverse environment at BHP.

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Our Global Inclusion and Diversity Council

Our people are at the centre of driving our direction for inclusion and diversity at BHP. Our Global I&D Council is supported by many local councils leading change on the ground.

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The gender equation

In 2016 BHP set its aspirational goal to achieve gender balance by 2025. What we have learnt over the past three years has not only reinforced our commitment with solid data, it has intensified our resolve to get there.

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Trainees demonstrate their electrowinning ways

Inclusion and diversity is fundamental for Minera Escondida. The Escondida Trainee Program aims to provide women the opportunity to work in the mining industry and the area of electrowinning is doing its part.

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Forging STEM career paths: the pivotal role of Australia’s teachers

Women are still underrepresented in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects. Meet Lydia Gentle, BHP Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) Engineer, who is working to change this trend.

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Flexible working a game changer

Over the years, David Ruddell, BHP's Vice President for Planning and Technical in Minerals Australia, has seen the positive impacts of flexible work both in his team and the Company’s culture.

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The changing nature of work and how flexibility enriches our team

For Sashi Rajavetti from our Enterprise Improvement team, flexible work has made a world of difference. For him, becoming a parent for the first time was a big moment.

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Cool change for hot seating

The team at our BHP Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) Saraji coal mine in Dysart, Queensland thought inclusively to establish a 'local crib relief’ program that has delivered for the workplace, business and local community.

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Meet Kelly

Kelly is a Planning Manager at our Spence mine in Chile. Working a flexible roster has meant Kelly doesn't have to choose between her family and her career.



BHP’s LGBT+ employee inclusion group

Jasper is BHP’s employee inclusion group for BHP’S lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and others (LGBT+) community and its allies.

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Creating a culture of inclusion

Dennis, a technician at our Trinidad and Tobago operations and a member of the Petroleum Culture Team who are driving a positive culture for our Petroleum teams all over the world; from the Gulf of Mexico, to Western Australia and more.

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How an Indigenous Traineeship program is transforming a coal mine

Since its inception, the Mines Traineeship Program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders at BHP Mitsui Coal (BMC) Poitrel in Queensland, Australia has seen 43 Indigenous workers join us, over 70 per cent of those female.

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Meet Dwayne

He is a Miner Jumbo Operator. After working in the underground mining industry for 14 years, Dwayne was inspired to come out at work.


LGBT+ inclusion at work: Scott’s story

Scott reflects on how powerful it is feeling comfortable enough to bring your whole self to work, and why occasions like IDAHOBIT, which recognise a spectrum of sexual and gender identities, are so important.

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Neurodiversity through our team's eyes

Many of the world’s leading technology organisations have launched neurodiversity programs. For us, neurodiversity means looking beyond just technology-focussed roles.

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Inclusion and Diversity in Minerals America

Through changing the recruitment and training approach, our Minerals America operations are improving the gender balance of their workforce and offering more opportunities to local employees.

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Meet the community close to our Potash operations

Our celebrations with Canada’s First Nations people close to our potash operations in Saskatoon are culturally significant because they represent the inclusive way in which we work together. Find out more here.

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