Remediation efforts executed by the Renova Foundation and Samarco’s sustainable operations advance in Brazil

The BHP Brazil team works daily to support the Renova Foundation in ensuring full and fair remediation for the damages caused by Samarco’s Fundão dam failure in 2015. There has been significant progress towards re-establishing the livelihoods of the people affected and restoring the environment. Until June 2022, around 388,000 people have been assisted by the indemnification program. The resettlement works are also progressing and the Doce River continues to be one of the most monitored in the world. In total, BRL 23.67 billion have been disbursed in the remediation and compensation actions until July 2022. 
The team is also committed to supporting Samarco to operate in a safe and sustainable way, by strengthening the best environmental practices, developing and implementing the newest available technologies, as well as to ensure that the company fulfill its obligations with the reparation process and remains able to maintain its socio-economic function.  
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